"The sole objective of trading is not to prove you're right, but to hear the cash register ring"

Martin "Buzzy" Schwartz


We created a trading algo subscription service for those investors who want to diversify their portfolio into the futures markets. The algo is designed to trade the opening range breakout (ORB) in the index futures on a daily basis for consistent returns. Our simple subscription model enables users to automate their trading process through the Quantower platform connected to their respective brokerage accounts. Results from the trading algo are backed by a live account track record.



Trading the opening range volatility requires fast and accurate execution made easier through automated trading. Our simple "plug and play" algo comes with preset settings tailored to each subscriber. Subscribers maintain full autonomy of their trading accounts and be able to start and stop the algo at any time.*

*We recommend subscribers to run the algo on a virtual private server (VPS) for continuous connection to the Quantower platform.


Open a futures trading account with one of Quantower's available brokers.

Sign up and receive a fully configured trading algo along with simple setup instructions.

"Plug and Play" the algo into the platform to begin automated trading.


ORB Daily Scalps trades statistics based on a $20k live account. Tracking inception 1/27/23 (updated weekly).

ORB Daily Scalps.pdf

Growth of $10,000 based on the ORB Daily Scalps real account results (gross and net after commissions) against the SPX and NDX benchmarks. Tracking inception 2/20/23 (updated daily).



per month


per year (save 30%)

Subscription fee is based on per contract basis. See the FAQ for more details.


What type of trading strategy do you employ in the algo?

The strategy utilizes the breakout trading method designed to scalp the opening range volatility.

Can this algo trade other markets?

This algo is designed primarily for the index futures markets. However, certain stocks/ETFs fit the profile to profit from this algo as well.

What is the expected return for this strategy?

Returns are in alignment with volatility (higher volatility=higher returns). Subscribers can expect a monthly return of 3-4% (40-50% annually).

Does this strategy use stop loss to manage risk?

This strategy uses both price and time based stops to manage risk. 

Will my performance using the algo match the advertised track record?

The results for each subscriber will depend on several factors such as execution latency, slippage, and broker commissions. We recommend subscribers to use AMP Futures as their futures broker,  and to run the algo on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) that's co-located in Chicago IL to minimize latency.

What is the minimum starting capital required to trade with the algo?

We recommend a minimum starting capital of $5,000 to trade the micro contracts, or $50,000 to trade the emini contracts.

How much does the algo subscription cost?

The monthly subscription fee is based on the starting contract quantity set at minimum of $50 per micro contract ($5000 minimum capital to trade 1 micro contract). The starting contract is preset based on the user's initial trading capital.

Example 1: Trading account of $10,000 with recommended starting position of 2 micro contracts will be charged $100 per month.

Example 2: Trading account of $50,000 with recommended starting position of 1 emini contract (10 micro contracts) will be charged $500 per month. 

Why does the subscription fee scales with the starting contract size?

We scale the subscription fee in a way that is in tune with the "pay for performance" approach. Users can start with smaller starting position with lesser fee and can scale with more contracts as they gain more confidence in the algo's performance over time. With this scaling model, we ensure that we are in alignment with the interests of our subscribers to deliver consistent results.

Do you offer refunds?

Yes, refunds are pro-rated from the time the request is made.

Which broker should I use to run the algo?

We recommend subscribers to use AMP Futures for their low commissions and margin requirements.

How do I sign up to subscribe to the trading algo?

We require subscribers to agree to the risk disclosure before receiving simple instructions on setting up the algo on their trading platform

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer a one month free trial.